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European Megaliths
  • The Megalithic Portal
    The primary website about megaliths in Europe, and throughout the world.

  • Stone Pages
    Stonehenge, stone circles, dolmens, ancient standing stones, cairns, barrows, hillforts and archaeology of megalithic Europe. The site has an excellent MegaLinks page of websites dealing with specific sites and areas.

  • The Modern Antiquarian — site list
    Site associated with author Julian Cope. It has pages for megalithic sites, including stone circles, standing stones and rows, chambered tombs, barrows and cairns, henges and earthworks, etc.

  • megalithomania — Home of Irish Prehistory is a site originally dedicated to Irish megaliths, but now expanded to include all sorts of antiquities that are of importance/interest. It now covers historic and prehistoric sites across Ireland, including Neolithic, Bronze Age, Early Christian and Medieval monuments.

  • Megalithics
    An archive of over 5000 photos of stone circles and other megalithic monuments in the British Isles, Ireland and Europe. Here you will find Portal Dolmens, Recumbent Stone Circles, Cup and Ring Carvings, Long Barrows, Cairns, Passage Graves, Wedge Tombs, etc. Most sites have full spherical VR panoramas and infrared photography, plus ten figure map references measured on site using GPS.

    Megalithic monuments on the island of Jersey, including passage graves, round barrows, and menhirs

  • Megalithic Guernsey
    Megalithic monuments on the island of Guernsey.

  • Carnac and the Megaliths of Morbihan
    Megalithic monuments in the region around Carnac, France, including stone alignments, stone circles, dolmens, and menhirs.

  • Archaeoastronomy papers by Alexander Thom and family
    Archaeoastronomy papers published by Alexander Thom, his son Archibald Stevenson Thom, and his grandson Alexander Strang Thom.




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