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August 2019: I began an overhaul of the entire site, beginning with a change in width and formatting.

17 November 12: I added new articles from Motor Age and American Motorist about the New Santa Fe Trail, California-Banff Bee Line, and the Custer Battlefield Highway to the Auto Trail Articles page.

14 June 11: I changed the colors on the navigation buttons, navigation bar, and footer to make them all more visible (accessibility).

10 October 10: There are now many new vintage news articles on the Auto Trail Articles page. I've totally reorganized the page in order to categorize by road or region. There's an especially good coverage of the classic Los Angeles (and San Diego) to Phoenix road races, which became intertwined with the descision on the route of the Ocean-to-Ocean Highway, precursor of the National Old Trails Road.

25 September 10: I've updated by Automobile of Southern California Strip Maps database.

15 February 10: An article called Across New Mexico and Arizona by Jehiel S. Davis from the June 1921 issue of Outing magazine. The article discusses the road conditions along the National Old Trails Road, the Apache Trail, and the Borderland Route that carried Old Spanish Trail, Bankhead Highway, and Dixie Overland Highway traffic.

13 February 10: An encyclopedic entry on the Bankhead Highway from the book History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography by Thomas McAdory Owen. The article includes history on the formation of the Bankhead Highway Association and on the 1920 military motor convoy.

2 February 10: A short article from the November 1920 issue of American Motorist magazine on the military convoy along the Bankhead Highway is now on the auto trail articles page.

22 January 10: An article from the May 1915 issue of Travel magazine on the National Old Trails Road is now on the auto trail articles page.

26 December 09: I've posted the virtual roads trips and photo galleries for the Old Spanish Trail in Texas on the photo gallery page. Most of the pictures in this set are in San Antonio.

16 December 09: I've posted the virtual roads trips and photo galleries for the Old Spanish Trail in Louisiana on the photo gallery page. Unfortunately I did not get to cover all of Louisiana on this trip. Something to do for another day....

12 December 09: All virtual road trips and photo galleries for US 80 are on the photo gallery page. I've also posted the virtual roads trips and photo galleries for the Old Spanish Trail in Florida, Alabama and Mississippi.

8 November 09: Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia US 80 photo galleries are now online on the photo gallery page. The last section of US 80, which includes Savannah and Tybee Island, will be online soon. The virtual road trips for these states will be posted after some software bugs are worked out.

10 June 09: East Texas and Louisiana US 80 photo galleries and virtual road trips are now online on the photo gallery page.
Several articles on US highways and on auto trails are now online, including my description of how to find old auto trail and US highway alignments.

24 January 09: West Texas and Central Texas US 80 photo gallery and virtual road trips are now online on the photo gallery page.
I've posted a new auto trail page: El Camino Real, California's Coast Route.

11 October 08: The California and Arizona photo galleries are now on the new photo gallery page. The summer 2008 photo galleries include Google Map virtual road trips.

Summer 08: This summer I went on a road trip down all of US 80 from San Diego to Savannah. It was a great trip and you can follow along with my virtual road trips on the photo gallery page. I also went down the Ocean Highway, US 17 to Jacksonville, and drove west on US 90, the Old Spanish Trail, as far as New Orleans. I also put in a stop at the OST city of San Antonio.

21 May 08: The Lee Highway introduction page is now online; probably the first and only web page devoted to the subject.

16 May 08: The Dixie Overland Highway now has an introduction page devoted to it. I'm currently working on research notes for the Lee Highway and the introduction page for that auto trail is nearly finished.

1 Dec 07: I recently made a trip through Yuma and Imperial Counties along former US Highway 80, and the routes of several auto trails. Photos are being added into the U.S. 80 photo section. After the photos I'd like to make a set of maps for U.S. 80 in Arizona, and I want to add pages for the National Old Trails Road and the Arrowhead Trail.

19 Jun 07: Additions have been made to the auto trails section. There's now a page on the Old Spanish Trail and the Bankhead Highway. I'll be trying to make more of these pages, as well as adding to their depth. It's a lot of work. I've added a few new cities to the City Maps section, and have several waiting to add. I'm working on the two chapters on highway history in Ed Fletcher's memoirs to add as a PDF file with images. I scanned all of a period book on the Lee Highway, and hope to get it online someday as well. I also had plans to have a section with all of the stories and photos from A.L. Westgard's book Tales of a Pathfinder until I found out it was already online here. I highly recommend reading it in one of the many formats provided.

10 Oct 06: Wow, a lot has happened in a few months. US 80 in California was declared an historic route. Brown historic route signs have even gone up on the east and west sides of Alpine.


Historic route sign near Alpine, CA.


10 May 06: I guess the main road news is the debut of a fabulous new improved web site called American Roads! The forum is pretty much finished, and I'll be sending out invitations for the opening cyber-party soon. The site's been on since 2005, but I think you'll like my new version of the forum and the new content I've included.


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