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U.S. Highway Articles

This page features articles about the history, the important people, and the development of America's numbered U.S. highways.

If you have a little knowledge you'd like to share about an old highway and the people who created and promoted it, please feel free to send me a message with your ideas. Articles submitted will remain your intellectual property, and you will get full credit online. Remember that a few pictures will help to spice up your article.

General articles

How to find the oldest auto trail and US highway alignments even without an old map. Steven Varner

California articles

"State Route will be Numbered and Marked with Distinctive Bear Signs"

August 1934 article on signing California state highways. [pdf download]

"First New State Route Number Sign Installed With Ceremony at Carmel"

October 1934 article on the installation of California's first state route sign. [pdf download]





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