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U.S. Highway 80 Directions and Waypoints


A file that can be uploaded to your GPS receiver is included here. It is in the universal GPX (GPS exchange) format. This format can be directly uploaded onto many GPS receivers using various programs such as GPSBabel (cross platform application). GPSBabel will also convert the file into many other formats readable by various receivers and mapping applications. There is an online version of GPSBabel that can convert to several file types at GPS Visualizer. It cannot directly upload to a GPS. It only creates files for download.



California Eastbound, San Diego to Viejas Casino

GPX file for GPS receivers. Convert using GPSBabel or other software.

Right-click and ''Save as'' to download: US80CAEsdviejas.gpx


Google Earth KMZ file. Download and take a tour of US 80!

Click to download: US 80 CA San Diego to Viejas.kmz


Waypoint file for National Geographic Topo software:

Right-click and ''Save as'' to download: US80CAEsdviejas.tpg


Printable Directions

California eastbound, San Diego to Viejas Casino

Printable pdf directions are here (download)


Viewable HTML Directions

California eastbound, San Diego to Viejas Casino

html directions are here (view)



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